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St. Patrick's Day, 2019

This St. Paddy's Day we were at performances throughout the week, not just on the day of. Once again, St. Patrick's Day (week) in Austin was a blast. It was hectic, and we traveled the entirety of the city from north to south, but people seemed to have a great time. The people of Austin do not disappoint when it comes to excited crowds (anytime they hop to the center of our circle and start dancing, we figure they're having as good a time as we are!) Lots of T-shirts changed hands, so keep your eyes opened for them.

We were at these locations, some of them twice.

Rainey Street B.D. Riley's Irish Pub at Mueller

Jack & Gingers

6th Street

Crown & Anchor

Baker Street

We were also at St. Baldrick's Day an event for The St. Baldrick's Foundation for Conquering Childhood Cancer. We didn't shave our heads, but we did have a blast!

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