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Become a CCH band member and learn about Highland culture and the basics of the pipe band.

We are committed to providing a fun and informative opportunity for members of the Austin community to learn about not just bagpiping, but Scottish culture.  Anyone may attend our Monday practices, but by joining, you get the opportunity to train with our group members, are eligible for our apprenticeship program and can start working paying events .  You do not need to own a set of pipes to get started- you will start using a practice chanter.  You will get to work with all the other members to learn the mechanics of the chanters and the pipes themselves as you progress.    We offer chances to travel to the regional festivals and engage in the community.  

Join the band

We're always looking for new members, no matter what your skill level may be. 

If you'd like to join the band, come and visit us at a practice session, or drop us an email to ask any questions or to make sure that there is a practice scheduled. 


What's included when you join our group?

Becoming a band member provides you with the equipment and instruction you need to get started with bagpipes or further explore you piping or drumming experience.  Our band covers:

  • Band Music Book, or Files

  • Paying events

  • Group instruction

  • Special Group Events and Programs for further education

What performance opportunities
will we provide?

Capitol City Highlanders is a "for hire" group, but we also play several festivals, charities and other opportunities.  It is common for us to play:

  • Parades (July 4th, Frontier Days, etc)

  • Corporate Events

  • Weddings

  • Funerals

  • Festivals (St. Paddy's Day, etc)


Either just send us an email, or use our form to send some info about yourself. You'll be a able to tell us as much as you want to about your level of experience, which instrument(s) you play, etc.  NOTE: This form is to become a band member., not to join the website, as that would have no result.

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