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Band Practice

Band practice is held every Monday night at Resurrection Episcopal Church in Austin from 6:00 or 6:30 (depending on beginning lesson sessions) and usually lasts until 8:00 pm. A map is shown at the bottom of the page.


If this will be your first time to attend, the best time to arrive is probably after 6:30 pm as we may not have any beginners classes at the time. While we are outside after 7:00 is also a great time to come and visit us. Drop us a line via our contact form and let us know that you plan to visit.



Our schedule is flexible due to traffic in Austin, changes in members schedules, and holidays. We generally will not have practice on major holidays, or a Monday immediately following a major gig day such as St. Patrick's Day. 


This is our anticipated schedule for any given Monday night practice session, but it is subject to slight changes: 
6:00: Private Lessons and Intro Classes 

6:30 ish: Chanter and Drum pad breakout practice

7:00 ish:  Full band outside practice, pipes and drums (or inside if weather demands)

8:00: Pipes down

While we like a large group turnout on a regular basis, your attendance is entirely up to you, all we can hope for is that we all find time to practice and learn. If practice is totally cancelled or there are cancellations by any members, typically there is a series of e-mail notifications. 

Resurrection Episcopal Church - 2200 Justin Ln, Austin, TX 78757

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